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If you are in the business of selling ADA signs or conducting ADA site surveys, you will find this ADA Sign guide to be an indispensible tool.

We have searched the entire ADA law and extracted the areas that deal with signage. From these ADA sections we have condensed the wording into a quick reference description. The actual ADA section is referenced so that you can go to the section for the complete wording. Helpful diagrams and tables simplify the ADA's technical jargon.

If you are conducting ADA sign business in Massachusetts, we also have the Massachusetts law referenced in the same manner.

And perhaps best of all, these guides are only two pages long. The guides are laminated for durability and three hole punched to fit in a binder.

Each guide is available for a low cost of only $20.00.
Order both the Federal ADA Law and the Massachusetts Law for a cost savings price of only $30.00 total.

ADA Guides are shipped via UPS ground. To save the COD charge by UPS, mail check or money order payable to Merrimack Engraving & Marking Co. for the cost of guide(s) plus the following shipping costs:

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