ADA Sign Specifications

Interior Lexan ADA Signs

	A.	The General Document listed in the Index, including the
		General Conditions, Supplementary General Conditions and
		General Requirements are hereby made an integral part of this
	B.	This subcontractor shall review, in detail, all other
		sections of the construction specifications affecting the work
		of this section of the Specifications.

	A.	ANSI A117.1 - 1992 Accessible Signage Standards(4.28 Signage).
	B.	Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines

	A.	Fabricator shall have manufactured ADA signage for a minimum
		of four years and have completed work equal to the scope of
		this project.

1.04		SCOPE
	A.	This section includes:
		1.  Interior room signs.
		2.  Interior restroom signs.
		3.  Interior exit signs.

	A.	Submit standard color selection chips.
	B.	Submit manufacturer's product information sheet(s). 
	C.	Submit scaled or full size mock-ups of each sign type.
	D.	Submit one sign of any sign type.
	E.	Submit sign schedule.	
	A.	ADA compliant signs where shown on the drawings or otherwise
		indicated shall be manufactured by  MEMCO Merrimack Engraving
		& Marking Co. of Methuen, MA. tel: 1-800-726-1719.
	B.	GE Lexan film P/N 8B35, .015" thick with sub-surface printed
		background color(s) bonded to a baseplate.  Background colors
		are to be chosen from manufacturer's standard color selection. 
		Unless otherwise specified, baseplate will be 1/8" thick
		plastic.  Maximum thickness of baseplate will not exceed 1/4".
	C.	Lettering must be raised 1/32" minimum from the surface of the
		sign.  Edge condition of lettering shall be slightly beveled
		and not square cut.  Lettering colors are to be chosen from
		manufacturer's standard color selection.
	D.	Grade 2 braille must be embossed to produce domed tops. 
		Grade 2 braille must be an integral part of the sign face and
		not glued or friction fit to the sign face.
	E.	Pictograms shall be either raised 1/32" minimum or sub-surface

	A.	Signs are to mounted by the manufacturer's recommendations,
		either adhesive	backing or tamper proof screws.
	B.	Install signs in accordance with ADAAG guidelines.
	C.	Assure signs are installed level.


See our Technical Bulletin explaining the proposed changes to the ADA regarding braille. These proposed changes are nothing new to us, since we have always made our braille to these new requirements.

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